Carolyn Amir is a Neuroscience Doctoral Student at the University of California, Los Angeles studying substance use and neuropsychiatric disorders. Carolyn received her B.A. from Boston University, where she studied psychological & brain sciences and Japanese language & culture. She then worked in the laboratory of Dr. Lauren Atlas at the National Institutes of Health before pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience at UCLA. 

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I believe tools like MRI & EEG are crucial to answering components of unsolved questions in human cognitive neuroscience.


Boston University 

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Japanese Language & Culture 

Neural mechanisms of pain & addiction 

In order to alleviate pain & addiction, we first must fully understand their mechanisms. 

Computational Modeling 

Can we build reliable models to understand and predict human thought, experience, & behavior? 

Brain Stimulation

How can we modulate brain mechanisms to affect cognition and subjective experience? 

2018 - 2020

National Institutes of Health 

FAES courses including Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Healthcare Image Analysis



University of California, Los Angeles 

Neuroscience Interdepartmental Program 

Doctoral Program